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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Junior-Sorry sorry-News

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Super Junior

Super Junior made their comeback with Sorry Sorry and the winnings so far are as stated below :

  1. Music Bank K-Chart on 090327
  2. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award on 090329
  3. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award on 090405
  4. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award on 090412
  • Irony

The irony is that, they also win awards in MNet Countdown but were not able to show up even after 2 weeks (090409 & 090423) top the spot as #1 (I hope I’m correct because there’s no proof since I can’t search for any). They top the chart only for 2 weeks but they made their comeback for more that one month now.

It has been said by most netizens that this is due to the childish actions by Mnet that they forbid all SM artists to come to their show due to SNSD being late in one of the programmes. To think about it, the same case happened with KBS when they banned all of them including SNSD who made their comeback and won K-Chart but is not allowed to perform only after two weeks later. However, everything is settled between SM and KBS but not Mnet.

I wonder the rational behind it?

Not letting them to perform but they still manage to top the chart. It shows how weak Mnet is when Sorry Sorry won the award. Here are my arguements.

  1. Mnet banned them from performing but let their song battle up in the music chart.
  2. It seems pathetic that they have to show the preview of ‘Sorry Sorry’ song and then announced that that song wins.
  3. The other singers who came, and especially the one who came up to compete (like Davichi on 090409 and Son Dambi on 090423), looked so dumb that they were standing watching the one being praised (Super Junior) for the winning was invisible (they weren’t there to perform and to stand in for the award since they’re banned).
  4. It shows how stupid Mnet could be in term of popularity – “since Super Junior wasn’t allowed to come, at least having the song to compete might receive people’s interest”.

Is 4 arguments enough to argue the rationality of banning artists from performing on shows? It is childish and in some matter so ridiculous that these adults can not perceive things positively. Well, it still up to them whether they want to continue banning or not, since it is their own TV programme. I have no say in it, same goes to other viewers, but we have brains to think of it and it’s weird that this happens in a more globalized and modernized world.

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