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Thursday, April 29, 2010

SNSD-Girls Generation-News

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Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation or So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) has climbed up to the top of the Girl-Idol-Group when they made a huge comeback with their mini album song, Gee. Here are the wins that they collected.

  1. Music Bank K-Chart on 090116 *
  2. Music Bank K-Chart on 090123 *
  3. Music Bank K-Chart on 090130
  4. Music Bank K-Chart on 090206
  5. Music Bank K-Chart on 090213
  6. Music Bank K-Chart on 090220
  7. Music Bank K-Chart on 090227
  8. Music Bank K-Chart on 090306
  9. Music Bank K-Chart on 090313
  10. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 090118
  11. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 090125
  12. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 0900201
  13. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 090208
  14. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 090215
  15. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 090222
  16. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 090301
  17. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 090308
* indicates winning without performing. Due to some conflicts between SM and KBS, they banned SM Artists to come. However, 2 weeks later, SNSD managed to make their comeback performance at KBS Music Bank K-Chart bringing along 3 songs, Dear Mom, Way To Go and Gee.

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