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Monday, April 5, 2010

AIM-ing for the top

AIM-ing for the top
AIM17 honours artistes old and new for their contribution to the Malaysian music scene

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siti nurhaliza
It's a bittersweet concoction for the 17th Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM 17) this year.

The number of nominations is at an impressive high to reflect the renewed vigour in the music indus­try, and yet the quality hasn't quite spiked in comparison.

Then, there are the regulars who te­diously dominate every year. Howev­er, the upstarts have registered their mark as well.

All in all - after signs of rejuvena­tion last year - with fresh sounds from the likes of Aizat, Meet Uncle Hussain, Malique and Hujan, this year may not provide any ma­jor surprises, but the trend continues for the new kings (and hopefully queens) of the scene getting their piece of the pie.

Persatuan Akademi Industri Muzik Malaysia (PAIMM) chairman Datuk Aziz Bakar sang praises of the achievements made by some over the past year with a healthy, and much welcomed in­crease in local music sales over the period.

"There is an increase of 34 per cent with a profit of RM101.8 million in comparison to the previous year which was only about RM76 million.

"Of that total, digital music sales which incorporates sales of ringback tones (RBT) and music downloads in­creased about 50 per cent to RM30.2 mil­lion. Physical album sales which include CDs, cassettes, VCDs and DVDs recorded an increase of 28 per cent to rake in RM71.6 million."

This embrace given to the sounds that shy away from the stale, musty staples of before needs to be given due credit for getting record-buyers excited once more.

And AIM has perhaps taken the cue to once again recognise the efforts of the younger - and in some cases not so young - less com­mercial-sounding set.

Take for example, Prema Yin's debut which notched four nominations. Or even the sur­prise inclusion of Stacy's first effort in Best Pop Album.

Disagree may not commercially be as big as their peers, but their song To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You spoke volumes to justify their five nominations in three cat­egories.

The spotlight however, will undoubtedly be on Yuna as she racks up an impressive showing with her bilingual repertoire garner­ing four nominations across the board.

Not only is she up for Best New Artiste, she's also against the heavyweights in Best Vocal Performance In A Song - Female (Ar­tiste), Best Pop Song for Dan Sebenarnya and Best Local English Song for Deeper Conversations.

Her versatility and talent aside, it will be an interesting day for punters come the result of Best Pop Song.

Undoubtedly the front-runners apart from Dan Sebenarnya, is Pete Teo and Amran Omar's Pergi performed by Aizat which won the recent Anugerah Juara Lagu, leaving Yuna in the bridesmaid's position.

The competition is fierce however, be­tween the newcomers and more experienced names. Stacy, Yuna and Prema all face the big names in their categories.

However when it comes to the male cat­egories, things take a 180-degree turn.

Jamal (top) is the only vet in the Best Male Per­formance in an Album category while XPDC have managed one nomination amidst the young 'uns (apart from the semi-vet Flop Poppy) when it comes to rocking it out.

The English categories will also have some major drama when it comes to the opening of the envelope.

The two biggest solo acts in Malaysian hip hop, Altimet and Malique, dominate the hip hop categories, even squaring off one-on-one for Best Hip Hop Song.

With a total of 925 nominations received this time around - 30 per cent more than last year - there are signs that exciting times are in store for local music.

It doesn't matter that some names and titles appear to be no more than fillers in cer­tain categories.

All that matters is the due recognition giv­en to those who have helped spur interest, thus ensuring there is a tomorrow (at least) for the Malaysian music industry.

AIM 17 will air live over ntv7 on May 2 from the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). Four episodes of Prelud AIM 17 will air every Thursday beginning April 8 at 8.30pm. The half-hour specials will honour Malaysia's leading artistes such as Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, M. Nasir, Datuk Sheila Majid as well as Amy and Search.


Best New Artiste (Artiste)


1. Azlan & The Typewriter

2. Bunkface

3. Prema Yin

4. Tomok

5. Yuna

Best Vocal Performance In A Song - Male (Artiste)


1. Faizal Tahir - Bencinta

2. Hazami - Survivor

3. Jamal Abdillah - Tak Hilang Cinta Di Dunia

4. Riz - Kehilangan Kamu

5. Vince Chong - Buah Hati

Best Vocal Performance In A Song — Female (Artiste)


1. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza - Ku Percaya Ada Cinta

2. Dayang Nurfaizah - Hilang (Live Version)

3. Jaclyn Victor - Bertamu Di Kalbu

4. Juwita Suwito - Sejak Hadirmu

5. Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya

Kris & Siti

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza (left) and Kris Dayanti

Best Group Vocal Performance In A Song (Artiste)


1. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza & Kris Dayanti - Amarah

2. DJ Fuzz & Malique feat. Salam - Cerita Kedai Kopi

3. Inteam - Allahu Rabbi

4. Rabbani - Kejora Sinar Zaman

5. Ruffedge - Pemuja Dari Jauh

Best Album Cover (Designer)


1. Sarah Joan Mokhtar - To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You (Disagree)

2. Aida/Nizam Rahmat - Liyana Jasmay (Liyana Jasmay)

3. Ong Cheng Han - All About Rynn (Rynn Lim)

4. Rewan Ishak - The Great Battle (Sevencollar T-Shirt)

5. Anthony Ho - Kronologi Cinta (Vince Chong)

Best Engineered Album (Engineer)


1. Greg Henderson - Into... Akasha (Akasha)

2. Aubrey Suwito, Audi Mok, Sanjeevi, Azlan Abu Hassan, Man Wtb, Anton Morgan, Nick Lee, Cl Toh & Greg Henderson - Inspirasi (Ayu)

3. Alvin Koh, Jim Teh & Peter Chong - Dayang Live (Dayang Nurfaizah)

4. Zairi Ariffin - Inderawala (Hattan)

5. Greg Henderson/Murat Oezmen - Eyo Eyo (Prema Yin)



Best Muzik Video (Director)

Director/Music Video/Artiste

1. Krol - Fiqir- Fiqir (Ahli Fiqir)

3. The Commonist, Barney Chua - Haley (Disagree)

2. Razz Kazz - Osaka (Disagree)

4. Nam Ii Cho - Oh! Sizuka (Pop Shuvit)

5. Kerol - Eyo Eyo (Prema Yin)

Best Ethnic Pop Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Dusta Berkalang - Hafiz Hamidun/Fedtri Yahya (Aiman)

2. Penangan Rindu - Tok Wan Aie/Ghazala (Ghazala)

3. Barangkali - Aidit Alfian/Ad Samad (Mawi)

4. Enjut - Cat Farish & Adeeb/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya (Noraniza Idris)

5. Inang Anak Perantau - Manis/Helma Atie (Saujana)



Best Nasyid Album (Producer/Artiste)


1. Syukran - Hafiz Hamidun (Hafiz Hamidun)

2. Allahu Rabbi - Frizdan, Amin, Nordin, Suhaimi, Shamir Supaat, Salleh Brotherz (Inteam)

3. Suatu Perjalanan - Farihin Abdul Fatah (Marjan)

4. Mahabbah - Mohd Asri Ubaidullah Rabbani & Dakmie (Rabbani)

5. Nota Cinta - Isman Isam, Faizal Osman, Munif Ahmad, Sufian Amrin,Hafiz Hamidun, Azalinor, Adi (Saujana)

Best Nasyid Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Allahu Rabbi - Amin Inteam, Zubaralhadid &

Amin Inteam (Inteam)

2. Dia Muhammad - Frizdan/Frizdan (Inteam)

3. Kejora Sinar Zaman - Dakmie/B.Nury


4. Mahabbah - Dakmie/B.Nury (Rabbani)

5. Syahadah - Dakmie/B.Nury/Hj. Abu/Hassan Morad (Rabbani)

Best Rock Album (Producer/Artiste)


1. Adrenalin - Audi Mok, Faizal Tahir, Ahmad Izham Omar (Faizal Tahir)

2. Rasa - Andy (Flop Poppy)

3. Mencari Konklusi - Noh (Hujan)

4. Prolog 2009 - Shamril Salleh (Maximus)

5. Rasopariso - Izo (XPDC)


Azlan & The Typewriter

Best Rock Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Kelibat Si Penyair - Tass & Lan/Tass & Lan (Azlan & The Typewriter)

2. Situasi - Sam/Sam (Bunkface)

3. Bencinta - Audi Mok/Faizal Tahir (Faizal Tahir)

4. Mencari Konklusi - Noh/Noh (Hujan)

5. Drama King - Taja/Tun Teja (Meet Uncle Hussain Feat Black)

Best Pop Album (Producer/Artiste)


1. Tahajjud Cinta - Eddie Marzuki, Audi Mok, Tya Subiakto, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza (Datuk Siti Nurhaliza)

2. CTKD - Aubrey Suwito, Audi Mok, Charly St12, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Krisdayanti (Datuk Siti Nurhaliza & Kris Dayanti)

3. Dayang Live - Jenny Chin (Dayang Nurfaizah)

4. Aku Stacy - Audi Mok, Ajai, Edry Kru, Kieran Kuek (Stacy)

5. Kronologi Cinta - Vince Chong, Greg Henderson & Sharon Paul (Vince Chong)



Best Pop Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Pergi - Pete Teo/Amran Omar (Aizat)

2. Masih Jelas - Aidit Alfian/Ad Samad (Hafiz)

3. Permaisuriku - Omar K, Azlan/Zel (J. Jay)

4. Cinta Ada - Fred Chong Ajmin Mudin (Karen Kong/Datuk Sheila Majid/Jaclyn Victor)

5. Dan Sebenarnya - Yuna/Yuna (Yuna)

Best Hip Hop Album (Producer/Artiste)


1. Irama Berima - AJ Pop Shuvit, Dj Uno, Illegal Choy, Ahli Fiqir (Yasin, Syaheed & Ahli Fiqir)

2. Jian - Altimet, Terrytyelee, Edsty, Qumran, Avex, B (Altimet)

3. 1212 - Ariz, Dedeq, Don M (Colabr8)

4. K.O. The Mixtape - DJ Fuzz & Malique (DJ Fuzz & Malique)

5. The Turning Point - Point Blanc, Major R.E., Alvin Gold (Point Blanc)



Best Hip Hop Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Chantek - Altimet/Altimet (Altimet)

2. Syukur - Avex/Altimet (Altimet)

3. Sayang-Sayang - DJ Fuzz, Altimet/Altimet ,DJ Fuzz (Altimet)

4. Masih Hip Hop - DJ Fuzz, Malique, Daly/ Altimet (DJ Fuzz & Malique feat. Daly (Ahli Fiqir) & Altimet

5. Cerita Kedai Kopi - Malique, DJ Fuzz & Salam (Malique & DJ Fuzz feat. Salam)

Best Local English Album (Producer/Artiste)


1. Yeah - Ajai (Amanda Imani)

2. To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You - Lo (Disagree)

3. Running - Hazami (Hazami)

4. The Turning Point - Point Blanc, Major R.E., Alvin Gold (Point Blanc)

5. The Great Battle - Jeffrey Little & Sevencollar T-Shirt (Sevencollar T-Shirt)



Best Local English Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Prom Queen - Sam/Sam (Bunkface)

2. Haley - Mohamed Zahid Yon/Mohamed Zahid Yon (Disagree)

3. Osaka - Mohamed Zahid Yon/ Mohamed Zahid Yon (Disagree)

4. Survivor - Hazami/Hazami (Hazami)

5. Deeper Conversation - Yuna/ Yuna (Yuna)

Best Local Chinese Album (Producer/Artiste)


1. Stardom - Andrew Tan (Andrew Tan)

2. Jeanie - Clement Siow (Jeanie Lee)

3. I'm Karen - Fred Chong, Lee Chee Chong, Kieran Kuek (Karen Kong)

4. All About Rynn - Rynn Lim, David Koon, Cheng Lee, Gary Lao (Rynn Lim)

5. ThomasJack - Lee Chee Cheng, Andrew low, Will Ng (ThomasJack)

Best Local Chinese Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Stardom - Percy Phang @Pocket Music/Percy Phan @ Pocket Music,

Andrew Tan (Andrew Tan)

2. Na Han - JK Chen, Jia Kai, Percy Phang (JK

Chen Jia Kai)

3. Insane - Jovi Theng, Zhang Guo Xiang (Jovi Theng)

4. Tian Shan — Chen Wei/Chuan Xiao Han (Karen Kong)

5. Sunrise — Xie Ja Wong, Kuan Chi Yuan/Vinx Lim Yi Xin (Xie Jia Wang)

Best Local Indian Album (Producer/Artiste)


1. Paarthy - DJ T-Bone, Bedsty Music, Diwan Switch (Ruthless)

2. SMS - VJ Records Sdn Bhd (Emergency)

3. Neethikku Poraattam - Unifly Productions (Masta Clan)

4. Saran Z - Ennaavaley, Saran Z (Saran Z)

5. Life Is A Mystery - A. Thanushia (Shruthi)

jaclyn victor

Jaclyn Victor

Best Local Indian Song (Composer/Lyricist)


1. Uyartinthidu - Thozha Jay, Jey Raggaveindra, A. Sivalingam, T. Jey Raggaveindra, Dhilip varman, Poovaneswaran, Ashokan/Jey Raggaveindra, Dr Ombala, Sidhartan (Jegathisan)

2. Thuli Thuli Mazhai - Hay Santhanar/Preeta Pasad (Thuli)

3. Uyirile Ondrage - Arulselvan/Jay Sidhartan (Kalantida)

4. Talattu Paade - Jay/Parameswara (Sitharthan)

5. Megathul - Sundrra (Nantha Sivakumar)

Best Malay Song Performed By A Foreign Artiste (Artiste)


1. Teruskanlah - Agnes Monica

2. Aku Wanita Biasa - Krisdayanti

3. Madu Tiga - Muhammad Dhani

4. Terlanjur Cinta - Rossa Feat Pasha Ungu

5. Nuansa Bening - Vidi Aldiano

Best Musical Arrangement In A Song (Arranger)


1. Aubrey Suwito - Sebagai Teman (Datuk Siti Nurhaliza & Kris Dayanti)

2. Acis - Masih Jelas (Hafiz)

3. Aubrey Suwito - Sejak Hadirmu (Juwita Suwito)

4. Jenny Chin - Cinta Ada (Karen Kong/ Datuk Sheila Majid/Jaclyn Victor)

5. Greg Henderson - Eyo Eyo (Prema Yin)


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